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IFCS Institute for Food Chain Standards GmbH

Quality and Safety from Farm to Fork

IFCS Institute for Food Chain Standards GmbH is a Hoppegarten (Germany) IFCS Institute for Food Chain Standards GmbH is located in the small community Hoppegarten at the gates of Berlin.
The name Hoppegarten does not derive from the famous racecourse located only a few metres away from the institute as one might expect. No, the name is rather associated with foods — to be more precisely with beer which once was one of the most important – and most safe – foods.
Beer has a long shelf life not least because of the hop. In former times hop thrived well in the re­gion Mark. The Soldier King Frederick William I – a beer lover – instructed his Minister Samuel Mar­shall to lay out a hops garden (in German Hopfengarten/ Hoppegarten) on his estate in Dahlwitz — not least in order to promote the impoverished agriculture in the region Mark.
Even today the escaped/ wild hop thrives quite well between hornbeam or privet hedges — much to the annoyance of many homeowners.
based certification body offering conformity assessments in the form of third party audits to food manufacturers and their service providers.

DAkkS accredition symbolThe conformity assessment body is accredited against DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17065 by the German accreditation body DAkkS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (register number D-ZE-20397). Accreditation is valid for certifications according to the GFSI recognised standards

  • IFS Food (food processing in all product categories),
  • IFS Broker (trade of food and others products) and
  • IFS Logistics (storage, transport and logistics of food and other products).

IFCS Institute for Food Chain Standards GmbH is also offering certification against the following asssessment programs designed to support small and/ or less developed companies:

  • IFS Global Markets Food (food processing)
  • IFS Global Markets Logistics (food logistics)

Please visit the standard owner's website for more information about the standards and programs mentioned above.

Frédéric Boudin