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IFCS Institute for Food Chain Standards GmbH is located in the small community Hoppegarten at the gates of Berlin.

The name Hoppegarten does not derive from the famous racecourse located only a few metres away from the institute as one might expect. No, the name is rather associated with foods — to be more precisely with beer which once was one of the most important – and most safe – foods.

Beer has a long shelf life not least because of the hop. In former times hop thrived well in the re­gion Mark. The Soldier King Frederick William I – a beer lover – instructed his Minister Samuel Mar­shall to lay out a hops garden (in German Hopfengarten/ Hoppegarten) on his estate in Dahlwitz — not least in order to promote the impoverished agriculture in the region Mark.

Even today the escaped/ wild hop thrives quite well between hornbeam or privet hedges — much to the annoyance of many homeowners.

Frédéric Boudin